3rd Edition - Pharma & Medical Device Nordic Market Access Leaders Forum

Hilton Slussen, Stockholm, Sweden
April 19-20, 2016

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Event Overview

The Nordic healthcare systems are some of the most advanced and most well-funded in the world and typically achieve world-class health outcomes. Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland) share a similar culture, all are rich economies and are all dedicated to high-levels of public healthcare investment. Apart from this, however, the countries also differ in many respects, such as Norway not being a member of the EU and only Finland is a member of the Euro currency. Whilst relatively wealthy countries, all are increasingly facing challenges in terms of ageing populations and limited resources so cost-containment is increasingly necessary. Across the region, healthcare systems are also far from homogenous, with different methodologies for valuing expensive drugs and devices, and different centralized vs. decentralized approaches to managing healthcare systems and spending. There are also broad differences between drugs and medical devices in terms of the necessity for and method of conducting Health Technology Assessment (HTA).

There are often rigorous assessments for drugs to determine clinical and economic value, whilst device “value” is often overlooked vs. cost, especially in more rigid DRG systems and tendering processes. Nordic countries are often rich in accurate, real world, patient-level data, with huge, national-level patient registries, tracking specific patients their whole lives. Advanced Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems are increasingly allowing better access to that data, however privacy and transparency concerns are real challenges. Better access to accurate evidence can facilitate the accurate measurement of improved health outcomes.

Although Nordic markets are small, with a total population of around 25 million, their relatively liberal spending on advanced healthcare interventions and high-levels of reimbursement, mean that these markets are a priority for the life sciences industry. This event will discuss the payer and HTA agencies’ challenges in budget management and cost-containment, compared to their enthusiasm to reimburse expensive treatments and diagnostics. Drugs and technologies of high clinical and economic benefit will be prioritized by payers, however pharma and device companies will need to understand how they can further develop, measure, demonstrate and deliver this value to health systems. This is the ideal event for those looking to find out novel methods and ideas for achieving patient access to advanced pharmaceuticals and devices in one of the world’s most advanced regions.

This meeting was exceptionally well-attended and the presentations were of exceptional quality in terms of content and also delivery. 

If you missed out on the event and would like to purchase the event documentation or video recordings, you may do so below. 

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