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The Future of Learning and Enablement in Med Device: Continuous, Adaptive, Personalised

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Industry consolidation, competition and product innovation are driving the medical device industry to constantly evolve if they are to keep up with market and patient needs.  This poses a great challenge, but also a great opportunity, to learning and enablement leaders who strive to successfully support sales, medical affairs and distribution partners to develop strong customer relationships and deliver the best technology solutions for the end patient or consumer. In this talk, you will learn:

  • How learning leaders are driving behaviour change that improves job performance
  • New ways to scale and measure the impact of enablement initiatives on commercial goals
  • Case studies of how medical device providers and other leading enterprises are achieving commercial agility
  • How to apply best practice microlearning to commercial, medical affairs and channel enablement

Michael Connolly
Enterprise Account Director, EMEA
Qstream, UK

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