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R&D Data Intelligence Leaders Forum

Basel, Switzerland - January 23-25, 2019

Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation 2018

Related topics: Discovery & R&D Innovation, Digital & Technology
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The biopharma industry continues to face challenges this year, with projected returns on investment in R&D at the lowest levels since our analysis began in 2010. However, there are opportunities to reverse this trend, which will require new ways of working and a complete digital transformation to unlock R&D productivity and deliver the next generation of scientific breakthroughs.


Mark Steedman
Research Manager
Deloitte UK Centre for Health Solutions


Extreme-Scale Cloud-Based Infrastructure needed for global genomic data

Related topics: IT & Big Data
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  • Cloud genomic data sets are approaching a total of 250 Petabytes representing an unprecedented resource for research and clinical applications
  • Extreme-scale cloud-based compute and tools are required to federate and utilize the emerging global resource, conforming to localized compliance requirements
  • A rapid evolution in data resource architecture and applicable tools is required, with an important role to be played by Artificial Intelligence

Richard Daly
DNAnexus, Inc., USA