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MedTech Commercial Leaders Forum Europe

Zürich, Switzerland - February 20-21, 2018

From NPS to an actionable customer centric listening program: A global approach

Related topics: MedTech, Commercial
Availability: FREE
  • Moving beyond NPS
  • Engaging a global team to get local customer insight
  • Maintaining the focus on the customer
  • Driving the global process forward.
  • It’s not just the numbers: Tell the story of the customer

Shane West
VP Client Relations
Cetas Healthcare Insights, Norway

Dushyant Gupta
Senior Client Engagement Director
Cetas Healthcare Insights, India


Opportunities for digital technologies and services to drive value and access for Medtech

Related topics: MedTech, Commercial, Digital & Technology
Availability: FREE
  • What does the new world of medtech and digital health look like?
  • How can digital technologies and services enhance the value of devices in a meaningful way to payers?
  • How will these innovative solutions be regulated and reimbursed?

Anne Smart
Managing Director
ClearView Healthcare Partners, USA


Create customised digital experiences for payers and HCPs

Related topics: MedTech, Commercial, Digital & Technology
Availability: FREE

Explore how new digital technologies enhance your customer interactions and deliver real commercial benefit 

  • Understand how your customers’ needs have changed
  • Learn how digital technology enables you to respond to these new challenges
  • Explore how virtual engagement technologies create new opportunities
  • See real-life examples of how digital solutions have transformed customer relationships
  • Bringing it all together: learn how to use the data to extend commercial opportunities

Lars U Diemer
Chief Executive Officer
Agnitio, Denmark


The best buyer experience wins - How to use digital to leave a mark with the empowered buyer

Related topics: MedTech, Commercial, Digital & Technology
Availability: FREE
  • Empowered buyer teams force Marketing & Sales to step up their game
  • Marketing can support sales teams to become more solution-centric
  • Sales teams can go beyond the expected and impact the modern day buyer
  • Ceterix, bioMérieux and ARGEN use sales enablement technology to step change Marketing and Sales alignment and grow sales productivity.

Orhan Dayioglu
Sales Transformation Leader
Showpad, Germany


The Journey of a Top 20 MedTech Sales Enablement Project

Related topics: MedTech, Commercial
Availability: FREE
  • Situation before the project start
  • Evaluation process and piloting
  • Implementation approach
  • Outlook for the future

Arik Brückner
Commercial Director
Pitcher AG


Elevating the market access competency to maximize business impact

Related topics: MedTech, Market Access & HEOR, Commercial
Availability: FREE
  • Becoming an integral partner in strategic business decision making
  • Organizing the competency in today’s value-based healthcare (VBHC) environment
  • Case studies

Rob Wenthold
Vice President
Boston Healthcare


Value-Based Selling: are we there yet?

Related topics: MedTech, Market Access & HEOR, Commercial
Availability: FREE
  • What is Value and how to quantify it?
  • “Doctors love my product, but I still cannot sell it” - an evolving balance of power
  • Do I need Reimbursement? What are the risks?
  • “Your product is too expensive”: fact or misperception?
  • Case example: from “easy-to-use” to “cost-saving”
  • Practical recommendations for Value-Based Sales

Ben Modley
Director of European Operations
Value Connected, Germany


Successful marketing claims in current regulatory environment

Related topics: MedTech, Commercial, Regulations & Ethics
Availability: FREE
  • Current and future regulatory environment
  • How is the industry geared to address these changes?
  • What are the constructs of an ideal marketing claims strategy?
  • What are the gold standard practices for marketing claims?
  • How to deal with unsuccessful claims?

Sumit Mehta
Managing Director
Cetas Healthcare Insights, Singapore

Claus Schaffrath
Consultant & Founder
Cetas Healthcare & MD squared, The Netherlands


Transforming to a Customer Centric Go-to- Market Model in Med Tech

Related topics: MedTech, Commercial, Patient-Centricity & Care
Availability: FREE
  • Understanding the shifting buyer universe.
  • Defining the organisation of the future.
  • Key challenges & opportunities when transforming your business around the customer.
  • Outlining different transformation pathways depending on your organisational imperative & operational maturity.

Mark Taylor
Director, EMEA
Blackdot, UK

Linton Chalmers
EMEA Practice Lead, Capability & People Advisory
Blackdot, UK