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Medical Device Commercial Leaders Forum Europe

Brussels, Belgium - February 18-19, 2015

Gamification and mobile reinforcement: How science from Harvard Medical School is driving a new approach to healthcare training

Related topics: MedTech, Commercial, Global (non-specific), Digital & Technology
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  • Ground breaking technology from Harvard Medical School.
  • Used by life science sales teams and healthcare professionals.
  • Extend retention of complex processes and facts from weeks to years.
  • Mobile and social gaming methods to drive adoption and motivation.
  • Maximise return on investment in product training.

Louella Morton
VP International Sales & General Manager


Accelerating sales with sales driven marketing

Related topics: MedTech, Commercial
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In today’s digital age, marketers can use marketing automation and analytics technology enabling them to be hyper-relevant to the customer via online channels. But what happens when the customer schedules a call or meeting with your sales team? How do you know whether or not your content performs well during this offline phase of the customer journey? Learn how to grow your business by supporting your sales and indirect channels with sales driven marketing.


Pieterjan Bouten
Chief Executive Officer
Showpad, Belgium


Roadmap to market access: Demonstrating value to purchasers

Related topics: MedTech, Market Access & HEOR, Commercial, Global (non-specific)
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  • Analysis of the real case of a global medical device companythat launched an innovative device to prevent seriouscomplications of a disease and was facing significant market barriers across Europe.
  • In spite of the product’s clinical benefits, commercial teams couldnot quantify the value of the product to purchasers and decisionmakers.
  • The solution came with the development of a process positioningthe best product evidence to directly address the clinical andeconomic needs of stakeholders.
  • Commercial teams were able to quickly demonstrate and quantifyvalue, helping hospitals and clinics to understand the costs and benefits of adopting the medical innovation.

Ernesto M. Nogueira 
Managing Director
ValueConnected, Netherlands