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Berlin, Germany - December 4-5, 2018

Bridging the gap: Translating expedited regulatory approval into optimal reimbursement

Related topics: Pharmaceutical/Biotech, Market Access & HEOR, Regulations & Ethics
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Regulatory approval has traditionally been the main hurdle for developers trying to bring needed new drugs to patients. However, today, expedited regulatory pathways enable drugs for severe diseases to receive approval with less data whilst payers, in the face of budgetary pressures, are demanding more data. Thus, the gap has widened between what evidence regulators require and what payers desire.
Strategies to bridge this gap and translate regulatory approval into optimal reimbursement are becoming increasingly key to ensure the commercial success of innovative new products, which will be the focus of this presentation and will include:
- Making RCTs more payer relevant.
- Real world evidence utilization.
- Innovative pricing models.
- Early scientific advice.

Janice Haigh
VP Pricing & Market Access
Parexel Access Consulting

Richard Macaulay
Principal Consultant


Market access & go-to-market strategy for transformative therapies: Changing our mindset

Related topics: Pharmaceutical/Biotech, Market Access & HEOR
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  • The key go-to-market opportunities and challenges for autologous gene and cell therapies - from the regulatory (‘benefit/risk’), market access (funding and pricing) and commercialisation (treatment delivery) perspectives
  • The value of integrated, cross-functional decision-making, strategies and tactics to overcome go-to-market hurdles for autologous gene and cell therapies
  • The implications for Pharma around organisational structure, organisational processes and capabilities

Akshay Kumar
Principal Consultant
Huron Consulting Group, UK


From PMPRB reforms to pCPA to National Pharmacare? Where is Canada heading when it comes to pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals?

Related topics: Pharmaceutical/Biotech, Market Access & HEOR, Canada
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  • Impact of PMPRB proposed price reforms – new reference countries, HTA to set price thresholds, risk based assessments.
  • pan Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) – more structure, guidelines, for negotiating public payer listing agreements / access schemes.
  • Implementation of National Pharmacare –  proposals for “public only” national pharmacare program are again being considered seriously by Federal advisory committee.
  • Insurers for private drug plans seek to maintain market but gain access to pCPA rebates.
  • Outlook and implications for Canadian pricing and market access.

Dylan Lamb-Palmer
Manager, Pricing and Data Analytics
PDCI Market Access, Canada


What it worth to you? Assessing value of product attributes through decision-analytic modeling

Related topics: Pharmaceutical/Biotech, Market Access & HEOR
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  • How a product's characteristics or attributes contribute to both individual willingness to pay and "value" from different perspectives (e.g., stakeholder, society).
  • The various methodologies through which attribute value can be assessed.
  • A real-world case study of how decision-analytic modeling helped a leading company establish the value of a unique product attribute, and by so doing justify higher tender pricing in a key EU market.

Mason Russell
Vice President, Strategic Consulting (Life Sciences)
IBM Watson Health , USA