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PharmAccess Leaders Forum Spring

London, UK - April 17-18, 2018

Changing Trends in Real World Evidence

Related topics: Pharmaceutical/Biotech, Market Access & HEOR, Real-World Evidence & Late-Phase Research
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  • Payer expectations.
  • The regulatory landscape.
  • Access to data.
  • The Increasing voice of the patient.
  • What is in store for sponsor-CRO partnerships?

Noolie Gregory
Exec Dir, Client Engagement
Syneos Health, UK


Early Access Programs – as a valuable component of market access and launch strategy

Related topics: Pharmaceutical/Biotech, Market Access & HEOR, Clinical
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  • Understand how these programs have been used extensively by pharma companies to address unmet medical need, but have broader market access benefits including another source of real world data.  This session will help people understand the basics about EAPs, the current landscape and industry trends around EAPs, and the types of data that various companies are capturing.  A case study will be provided.

Kieron Lewis
Global Business Development Director
Clinigen, UK


Facilitating innovative pricing, value based reimbursement and personalised medicine using revolutionary blockchain technology

Related topics: Pharmaceutical/Biotech, Market Access & HEOR, IT & Big Data
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  • A new paradigm: Introduction to blockchain technology and its applications in healthcare
  • Digipharm: overcoming barriers to innovative pricing solutions and value based reimbursement
  • Innovative evidence generation and the impact on pricing & reimbursement

Ahmed Abdulla
Digipharm, Switzerland


Market access for (very high cost) rare disease or transformative therapies: changing our mindset

Related topics: Pharmaceutical/Biotech, Market Access & HEOR, Orphan Drugs
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  • Aggregated budget impact of these therapies
  • Funding and contracting approaches
  • Value-based thinking

Akshay Kumar
Principal Consultant
Pope Woodhead, UK

Eugenia Priedane
Senior Consultant
Pope Woodhead, UK


Adaptive, Umbrella and Basket studies - What are they, Why are they needed, and how will payers receive them?

Related topics: Pharmaceutical/Biotech, Market Access & HEOR
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There is a well-recognized long-standing decline in R&D productivity in the pharmaceutical industry which has driven exploration of new approaches to the clinical development of pharmaceuticals.  These include innovative randomized controlled trial designs, including adaptive, umbrella, and basket studies. Adaptive trials, perhaps the best established of these, have already been the subject of guidance documents by both the European Medicines Agency and Food and Drug Administration. However, in many markets it is the reimbursement hurdle (rather than the regulatory hurdle) that is proving the major barrier to overcome in order to enable patient access. Therefore, payer perceptions on such innovative trial designs will be key to informing pharmaceutical company utilization of such approaches. This presentation will provide an overview of these innovative new designs and present payer perspectives on the benefits and challenges posed by conducting reimbursement assessments on data coming from these trial designs, based on discussions with a German and UK payer.


Janice Haigh
VP Pricing & Market Access
Parexel Access Consulting


Richard Macaulay
Principal Consultant, (Pricing and Market Access)
Parexel, UK